Green Film at the Berlinale 2016

March 23, 2016

Green Film Shooting produced a round-up of current green film news in their special edition brochure for the Berlinale. Opening with a message from Actor, Politician and Environmentalist Arnold Schwarzenegger on the ‘powerful’ role the media has to play in the fight against climate change, Green Film Shooting reported on the evolving co-operation between the Filmfӧrderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and neighbouring Scandinavian counties to share learning and tools for green production. Also highlighted were initiatives in Italy where the Italian Film Commission has started to implement green guidelines in their regions, and the UK were Carbon Literacy courses run by BAFTA’s Albert consortium are supporting sustainable practices in the television sector.Berlinale 2016

In France, Ecoprod has been working with Centre national du cinema (CNC) to introduce sustainable practices in film and television production and a first European Green Cinema ‘seal’ has been launched to support a sustainable exhibition sector. Practical examples of sustainable practice include the modernisation of Germany’s ZDF TV studios with the installation of LED lighting and a feature on promising new eco-friendly materials Myco Foam and Board, grown from agricultural by-products instead of petroleum which are fully compostable and could be used as construction material on production sets.

Amongst all the positive news, it is noted that the challenge of how best to embed sustainable practices into everyday routines remains.


A recent study estimated that screen production (film and TV) in London alone produces 125,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.


Work with your colleagues at work. Together you can make simple changes.


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