Sustainable Services


There are a wealth of companies that provide goods and services for a more sustainable film industry, from energy audits and green IT suppliers to specialist location managers and a set re-cycling service. Look through our list of services to find people who can help your transition to green.

A handy summary, by category, of all sustainable services can be found here

Carbon Aware Productions

Carbon Aware Productions offer green consultancy services and a green database to help pull together environmentally friendly services on offer. With a background in location management and production of commercials, television, features and drama, our goal is to make as many of these as possible carbon aware. We believe that a carbon footprint made in the UK should be offset in the UK, primarily through planting and caring for new native woodland here in Great Britain. We acknowledge that carbon offsetting is not enough to counter global warming, however we do feel it is a step in the right direction.

Carbon Visuals

Carbon Visuals help people make sense of carbon footprints, comparisons and targets by providing bespoke image sets, web-tools, animated films and consultancy.

The business is dedicated to communicating carbon data more effectively. We help draw attention to emissions, enable people to understand the quantities involved, and thereby feel better informed to make decisions.

Community RePaint

With over 70 schemes across the UK Community RePaint offers a low cost, sustainable solution to any decorating project. Community RePaint schemes collect reusable, leftover paint and re-distribute it to communities improving the wellbeing of people and the appearance of places. The network has supported numerous art projects and theatrical productions and we are always looking to expand our outlets for paint.

 To find your nearest Community RePaint scheme go to and enter your postcode into the search engine.  


Dogwoof is the leading UK independent film distributor for documentary and social issue films. Previous successes include Black Gold, widely credited with shifting Starbucks’ position on Fairtrade; The Age of Stupid, which led to the 10:10 campaign; andThe End of the Line, which was largely responsible for Marks & Spencer and Pret a Manger changing their policy on tuna; and (in partnership with The Co-operative). Most recent on Dogwoof’s slate of socially conscious film releases is the Oscar® nominated documentary Food, Inc.

As well as achieving great success with these titles, Dogwoof is unique in that it identifies a double bottom-line and sees the potential of film to bring about social change.


Sustainable clearance of film and television production sets in the UK

Drèsd provide the broadcast industry with a viable, cost effective alternative to set waste being sent to landfill.

Working directly with the major film studios and television production companies we collect waste from sets at a lower cost than standard skip disposal.

Then we re-purpose and re-sell the salvaged materials to production houses, event companies and interior designers at a fraction of the cost of them buying everything new. Range of individual items – scenery flats, furniture, costumes – are also sold online. | +44 (0)7810 567 067 |