Sustainable Services


There are a wealth of companies that provide goods and services for a more sustainable film industry, from energy audits and green IT suppliers to specialist location managers and a set re-cycling service. Look through our list of services to find people who can help your transition to green.

A handy summary, by category, of all sustainable services can be found here

Neptune Environmental Solutions

Neptune Environmental Solutions is a UK based environmental consultancy, with almost a decade’s experience working with both industry and government in the UK

Neptune work closely with our clients to provide measurable improvement in sustainability throughout their business, resulting in a reduction in the use of energy and resources, with lower operating costs often resulting as an additional benefit of undertaking an environmental improvement program.

Nice and serious

Nice and Serious is a film production company that specialises in creatively communicating environmental and social issues. The team all have backgrounds in filmmaking, environmental sciences and science communication, and use this experience to create informed films and engaging communication initiatives. From visually communicating an environmental policy, to promoting an event or product, to galvanising employees and engaging stakeholders in environmental initiatives; since 2008 we have helped organisations bring sustainability to life.

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Oculus3D in conjunction with Look3D produce eco-friendly 3D eyewear, as an alternative to plastic disposable glasses commonly used. Oculus3D frames are made from renewable, ecologically sound substitutes for petroleum-based plastic products, developed from plant sources, instead of from fossil fuels. Frames made from bio-based materials create a lower carbon footprint than frames made from traditional plastic. The eyewear is not exclusive to RealD systems and can be used with any 3D projection system. Various styles are available, including forthcoming children’s sizes.


One Pumpkin

One Pumpkin is a well respected sustainability consultancy offering straightforward and effective sustainability advice.  We have over 14 years experience of supporting businesses to benefit from sustainable innovation.  We offer sustainability strategy development, communications support, stakeholder engagement and solutions development.  We have experience of supporting productions and companies, large and small, to understand and manage their impacts, including their carbon footprints, and in helping them find the right sustainable solutions for their needs.  We’re also quite good fun, apparently.

Scenery Salvage

Scenery Salvage offer a dedicated system for the removal of scenery from studios or locations, not to a land fill site but to a reclamation centre.

Once offloaded any useful set pieces are removed, catalogued and put on the Salvage Stock List for resale to the industry at vastly reduced rates . The remaining scenery is then segregated and recycled.

We make it as simple as possible for you to remove waste as Senery Slavage arrange collection either by lorry or by skip, with very competitive prices.