What can I do?


shutterstock_83204908_colleagues (2)Speak to the professionals: The recently published BS 8909 Sustainability Management System for film, sets out the requirements to enable users to implement  and run a system that manages their environmental and social risks and impacts. There is assistance out their to get started on your journey.

Use BS 8909 with a suitable carbon footprinting tool: Use BS 8909 to identify and manage your organisation’s sustainability issues and get a carbon footrpint of current activities/ a production. We recommend the free BAFTA Albert toolkit for carbon footprinting productions, or a suitable carbon footprint tool for other activities. For example Carbonfootprint.com/calculator1.html

Talk to your colleagues at work: Many people people in the film industry act green at home but aren’t sure how to make a difference at work. Together you can make simple changes.

Improve your housekeeping:  The average business wastes 20% of the power it buys.  Switching off lights, shutting down IT systems, reducing waste, making re-cycling easier – it all makes a difference.  But the best way to make a real difference is to have a plan: start with an energy audit that measures your carbon footprint and set yourself some targets to reduce it.

Share your experience:  Links from this site will show you how film professionals around the world are finding new ways of reducing the environmental impact of what they do.  Let info@greeningfilm.com know about what you’re doing.

There are dozens of organisations that offer support, advice and help.  Here are a few of them:

www.carbontrust.co.uk is a government-funded agency that provides advice, consultancy and other services (some of them free) to help companies calculate their carbon footprint and reduce carbon emissions.

www.greenshoot.com Greenshoot provide a full environmental management service for productions, supplying a trained co-ordinator who is responsible for all environmental issues on the shoot.

www.myspace.com/ourplanet features organisations and forums concerned with climate change.

www.carbonplanet.com is based in Australia but works worldwide and partnered the Sheffield Doc/Fest to make it the world’s first carbon neutral film festival.

www.globalactionplan.org.uk offers advice and consultancy.

Tell us about others.