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“Having an environment strategy for the whole industry makes good commercial sense, will be popular with customers, and is the most responsible way forward.”

Rupert Gavin, Chief Executive of Odeon and UCI Cinemas Group
shutterstock_134693633_exhibitionMany cinemas encourage and incentivise staff to be proactive in minimising energy use through simple good housekeeping measures, managing heating and air-conditioning responsibly, using low-energy bulbs and ensuring systems are only used when necessary. provides tips on reducing waste and emissions. provides information on buying power from renewable sources. suggests ways in which companies can work towards higher environmental standards.

Specialist companies can advise on the installation of intelligent software systems to manage energy use more efficiently in existing cinemas and assist in building-in energy efficiency at the planning stage for new cinemas. is a public agency site that offers basic advice on environmental building standards.

Some cinema operators are working with their local authorities to help ensure effective public transport access and to ensure that audiences have the information they need to make their journey by public transport.
The Standard BS 8909 was trialled for the exhibition sector by the British Film Institute.

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A recent study estimated that screen production (film and TV) in London alone produces 125,000 tonnes of CO2 each year.


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